Who we are

Equinox is a leading private Investment firm operating with a distinctive approach, tailored to unlock the best opportunities in the Italian mid-market.

Founded in 2002 by Salvatore Mancuso, Equinox is built on industrial foundations and through its exclusive network it is able to provide unique proprietary deals.

Its differentiated and intelligent deal structuring enables partnership with the best businesses. Equinox, with a total of almost €800 mln of raised capital, has created substantial value both for investors and portfolio companies in its 15 years of experience.

Equinox Timeline
Equinox Timeline

Our Strategy


Our Strategy

Sourcing and Acquisition

Unparalleled visibility and access to in the Italian market

Proprietary deals make up 90% of investments over 2 fund generations

Conservative entry valuations

Exploiting the industrial network to partner with entrepreneurs and management

Ownership and Management

Implement tailored business strategy to build true industrial value

Identify and replace key personnel leveraging unique network of professionals

Identify core business segments ripe for internalisation

Professionalise governance


Liquidity conscious investors

Business improvements focused on exit

Buyer anticipation

The Team

Senior Advisors

Our Target

Equinox targets investments predominantly through 4 sectors:

Industrial and Environment

Industrial and Environment

Leisure, Consumer and Retail

Leisure, Consumer and Retail


Life Sciences and Healthcare

Transportation and Supply Chain

Transportation and Supply Chain

The Market Opportunity

Resilient and stable, export-focused companies

  • Italian mid-cap businesses are niche leaders with export driven sales not directly linked to domestic GDP trend
  • Strong commitment towards new technologies and product and process innovation
  • Six of the largest ten (including the first 2) manufacturing districts in EU are located in Italy
  • Institutional commitment to support Italian companies in investments (Industry 4.0) and technological updating
  • Italian stakeholders are well aware of the challenge

Exceptional deal flow

  • Succession – over 80% of Italian businesses are family-owned and almost 25% of entrepreneurs are over 60
  • In the next years Italian companies financial requirements show a funding gap to be filled in by private capital also because direct lending from Italian banks businesses has fallen
  • Larger space for mid-cap domestic players having deeper market knowledge
  • Increasing need for capital to finance the innovation and technological development of Italian businesses
  • Highest number

    of SMEs (79,000) in Europe

  • European top ranking

    (1&2) manufacturing districts

  • Relevant funding gap

    for SMEs in the upcoming years representing an opportunity for PE

Our Investors


Insurance Companies



Family Offices


Financial Institutions






Fund of Funds, Pension Funds

Pension Funds