Equinox AIFM

Equinox AIFM is a Luxembourg based AIFMD compliant management company authorized and supervised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) of Luxembourg (license n. A00001645); Equinox has raised almost €800 mln.

The company is the manager of the funds promoted by Equinox and represents an updated investor-friendly platform providing a transparent opportunity for alternative investments.

In accordance to Art. 37 of the delegated regulation 231/2013/EU, Equinox has in place a voting rights policy; please see the attached Voting Rights Statement:

Voting Rights Statement

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is in charge of taking investment and portfolio management decisions. It is mostly composed of independent directors plus two members of Equinox Advisory.

Giorgio Mercogliano
Giorgio Mancuso
Thierry Lesage
Maurice Hazan
Federico Franzina
Giorgio Mercogliano
Giorgio Mancuso
Thierry Lesage
Maurice Hazan
Federico Franzina

Advisory Board

The Board of Directors, prior to taking binding decisions, is required to ask for a mandatory but not binding opinion on the investment opportunity under scrutiny. It is composed of independent highly skilled and experienced professionals.

Conducting Officers

Conducting officers are responsible for the day by day management of the AIFM. In particular they perform the AIFM’s activities related to compliance, risk management, policies and procedures under the supervision of the CSSF.

Giorgio MancusoPortfolio manager
Dominique MarchalRisk Manager
Efisio MuraConducting Officer – Finance & Valuation
Giorgio Mancuso
Portfolio manager
Dominique Marchal
Risk Manager
Efisio Mura
Conducting Officer – Finance & Valuation

With the support of:

Stephan BadeyCompliance Officer
Paolo BertolettiPortfolio Management Officer
Stephan Badey
Compliance Officer
Paolo Bertoletti
Portfolio Management Officer