Equinox is firmly convinced that the value creation for its stakeholders and in general the development of a sustainable long term strategy for its portfolio companies require the introduction of environmental, social and corporate governance (“ESG”) guidelines into all the phases of its activity (investment, management and divestment stages).

Equinox believes that the incorporation of the principles of sustainability into its ESG policy leads to a more balanced risk-return profile for its investments and a long term path of growth.

In order to pursue a responsible investing strategy, Equinox AIFM’s Board of Directors has approved and implemented an ESG policy for its activity and will also promote ESG policies in all its portfolio companies, working alongside their management teams in order to foster the idea of a responsible and sustainable development of their businesses.

The responsible investing principles, through the adoption of an ESG policy by Equinox and the portfolio companies leads to the introduction of policies, procedures and practices for Equinox as an asset manager and for all the acquired companies.

To testify its commitment, Equinox has adhered to the Principles for Responsible Investment ( initiative, has appointed an ESG officer within its team, in charge for the promotion and effectiveness of its policy reporting, on a regular basis, to the senior management fostering a similar system for all the portfolio companies.